Facebook & Instagram Set Up

The Facebook & Instagram Ads Set Up includes: 

  • Ads creation; copy, creative included. Client will need to provide photos for the ads via Dropbox.
  • Types of Ads Formats: Brand awareness (1) Traffic ad (1) boosted posts (up to 3), conversions (3), abandoned cart. (1). 
  • Catalog creation with product feed, Instagram Shopping connection included.
  • In-stock product set creation. This will require a subscription to Flexify.
  • Pixel Connection.
  • Audiences creation; custom & value-based lookalike if enough data. Otherwise, standard lookalike audiences will be created. 

Key Points:

  • Set up takes up to five business days.
  • You are responsible for the Facebook ads management. Instructions will be provided of when to move forward.
  • All you need to do is give us access to your business manager & pictures for creatives.