Are you ready to learn Facebook Ads and increase your revenue?

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Are you ready to learn Facebook Ads and increase your revenue?

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Is this YOU?

  • You want to make money from FB Ads, BUT your budget is limited. 

  • You NEED the extra cash for inventory or payroll, and can’t afford to waste it on more ads that don’t deliver.

  • You're not paying yourself enough.
  • You're sick of having to keep up with all the daily changes the business manager pushes.
  • You have spent time seeing other businesses thrive and you're wondering why you don't find yourself in the same position, even with all your efforts.

  • You have a better product than others, but you are still selling less.

I get it because I’ve been there –

and the good news for you?


I’ve cracked this code and I’m ready to share the answers with you.


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Hello, I am Nadia.

Nadia is a whiz with Facebook and Instagram ads. She has successfully scaled her clients' businesses to six and seven figures using nothing but online advertising. Not only that but she is also bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently. She loves nothing more than teaching others about the power of digital advertising- especially women!

Nadia is a wife and mother of four daughters (two hooman, two fur babies). When she's not helping people achieve their business dreams, she can be found spending time with her family or cuddling her beloved fur babies.

Imagine this..

  • You have the exact blueprint for creating effective, impactful Facebook ads that is as easy to go through as the ABC.


  • You don’t need to waste hours on end studying Facebook marketing because you have all the tools you need to run your campaigns in a few minutes.


  • You can afford to create Facebook ads that are 10X as impressive as the ones that are getting your competition ahead, even with a baby budget.


  • You don’t have to deal with all the guesswork surrounding Facebook ads compliance and face the risk of the Facebook ban hammer.

     and more..

  • Marketing your business isn’t time-consuming or more expensive than it should be and allows your brand to stand out.


  • You have access to all the tools and techniques you need to avoid hiring a fully-fledged marketing team.


  • You know how the Facebook ad system works inside out and fully understand how to reach your ideal customers with laser-focused campaigns.


  • Every ad you create is completely IOS 14 compliant and you don’t have to worry about getting too involved in the technicality of it all.


  • There’s no learning curve for which strategy to use and which creative works for your target.
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Now, what if I told you there was a way to learn everything you need to know about Facebook Ads? 


A class where you'll learn how to run your ads and optimize your data correctly without going in circles! With the recent changes to Facebook's algorithm, learning how to run successful Facebook Ads has never been more important.


Ads are indeed more expensive, but they remain effective. 

This is a promise. 

By the end of the masterclass you..

  • Could easily afford to run your ads yourself without an agency.

  • Could sleep easier at night knowing that sales will be made while you sleep.

  • Could pay yourself as much as you deserve.

  • Trained your in-house team to run your ads instead of having to rely on third parties and add to your expenses.

  • You see yourself all over social media and finally become one of the accounts you’ve always envied.

  • Give your product the platform and the exposure it deserves.

  • Knew when to make changes without headaches and wasting time.

  • Just went for it, learned ads, and maximized your data.

  • Could take time off without checking your ads manager all the time.
Count me in!

I want this for you too.

Check out real client examples:

I want this for you too.

Check out real client examples:

And as a BONUS, I'll also share how some accounts have failed and why. 

I want to teach you the common mistakes businesses make, why their ads failed, and how we can prevent that from happening to you! 

You see, running Facebook Ads is not just creating an ad, praying it works and throwing a minimum budget to Facebook.


Facebook Ads are true art.


 I am fascinated by how altering a word, trying a new creative, and changing the audience can result in thousands of dollars in revenues OR LOSSES. 

What is inside the masterclass?


During this self-study program, you'll get access to seven modules packed full of video tutorials and downloadable workbooks.

  • 6 modules take you through literally everything you need to know to create and manage Facebook Ads and remain consistent with your Facebook Ads funnel. 


  • Step-by-step tutorials show you how to set up everything from scratch plus how to optimize your data.


  • Downloadable workbooks and checklists to help you implement your learning.
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Here is a course sneakpeek:

Module 1

Business Manager + Ads Account Set Up

Facebook Business Manager is a powerful tool that can help you efficiently manage your Meta assets. Join us on this tour to explore the basics and more advanced features of Business Manager. You'll learn how to organize your assets, create or edit pages, and track performance metrics. Setting up your Facebook Ads account correctly is crucial to avoid common mistakes. You'll learn how to give the right access to your staff, and more! 


Module 2

Brand Awareness

Are you looking to build your funnel with some great prospecting campaigns on Facebook? Do you need new customers? We'll help you find the right ways to target your ideal audience and get them interested in what you offer. You'll be able to craft engaging ad copy that speaks to your potential customers. We know how hard it can be to stand out on Facebook, in this module, you'll be able to cut through the noise and make a real impact.

Module 3

Ads Creation + Management

With middle-of-the-funnel campaigns, you can engage your cold audiences and persuade them to take action. These campaigns are highly effective at driving conversions and generating leads. Plus, middle-of-the-funnel campaigns are easy to set up and manage. You can get started quickly and see results in no time. So what are you waiting for? Start using middle-of-the-funnel campaigns today and see excellent results for yourself!


Module 4

Ads Maintenance + Analysis

With the Facebook Ads Data Analysis tool, you can get insights into how your ads are performing and make changes that could mean BIG results for your business. Here are what you can expect in this module: Detailed insights into which ad campaigns are performing well and which need improvements. And recommendations on how to optimize your ads for better results.



Module 5


Looking for free sources of Facebook ads inspiration?

We've got you covered! We've collected some of the best free resources for finding Facebook ad ideas. Do you know there's an alternative to Canva? Yes! Very mobile friendly too.  We're sharing everything you need to get started. We've compiled a list of the best free resources to help you get started with Facebook ads.



Learn to set up your commerce account and explore the benefits of Facebook/Instagram Shops and product tagging.

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