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Whether you stopped by Booth #25 at the Boutique Hub Summit, or someone told you about this website, I’m happy to welcome you and your team to Social Retail Marketing, Inc.

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Over the years, my team and I have worked with hundreds of small businesses, and we have helped them grow their revenue. Social Retail Marketing has worked with many happy AND UNHAPPY former clients too.

Let me address the unhappy part… Our company hasn’t always been the best fit for some businesses, and some businesses have not been the ideal client either. As a business owner, you know this is 100% true, and we are not the exception.

My team and I do not irresponsibly promise minimum earnings or tell you that we know there’s to know about the industry. Why? Well, Ads change daily.  Ads are in fact more expensive, and without the proper organic resources we can’t help you grow. The grow part? It’s still true, and Facebook/IG Ads remain a very effective source of revenue for small businesses.

Our current services include:

Facebook Ads

How would you like to have access to the EXACT- E-commerce Funnels that have helped our clients scale to 6-7 figures? 


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Email Marketing

This marketing strategy requires the least investment, but if done right can reap a massive ROI. According to DMA, for every $1 invested in Email Marketing, the ROI can go as high as $42!

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Technical Support

Can't figure out your Business Manager? Need to install a pixel? Catalog set up? Let us help you! Submit a ticket today. 

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Facebook/Instagram Master Class + Client Support

The goal of this service is to train you and your marketing team to run your Facebook Ads in-house. Client support via Zoom will be available during office hours.  

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