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✓ Are you running ads with no return?

✓ Are you running ads without a pixel?  

✓ Are you running in circles because you don’t know how your ads are performing?

✓ Are you overwhelmed by the data business manager shows you?

✓ Are you unsure how your entire marketing funnel is performing?

✓ Eh? What’s a marketing funnel?

✓ Are you ready to make your life easier?

✓ Have you worked with people who do not understand your industry and promise high ROAS?

Marketing is not a nice-to-have for your business, it is a MUST HAVE. Sure, anyone can promise you returns, but do they know your industry? Do they walk you through your restocks? Best sellers?

You are not alone! This is the most familiar journey most of my clients have been through. The best news? You don’t have to continue this cycle!

Allow my team and I to help you! We offer a variety of services to make your life easier as a business owner while growing in a sustainable way!


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Hi, I am Nadia Martinez, and I am an entrepreneur, coach, and a life long learner ( I am on my way to learn my third foreign language, believe me, this is what I do for fun!)

I am passionate about helping small business and women entrepreneurs achieve their full potential.

My services are pretty different than the other agencies in the market in the sense that I am specialized in boutique businesses and I really get involved at a micro-level.

In fact, When I get involved with my clients, I work with them almost as a co-founder ( This is why I take up only a minimum amount of clients every month). This is how much I am committed to your success!

I have literally been in your shoes before - I started out as a solo entrepreneur and I grew my company into a successful brand using organic and paid marketing.

I faced and overcame the same challenges that you are going through - Dealing with the lack of inventory, battling the local competition, the struggle with dwindling sales...

I know that you have put your heart and soul into your business, and I want to be your partner in taking it to the next level!

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