Obesity + Automation 📈

At age 36, I was categorized as obese, chronic inflammation, a pre-diabetic A1C, high cholesterol, difficult PCOS symptoms, less than optimal thyroid, dangerously low iron, chronic anemia, chronic hormonal imbalance, and many other uncomfortable symptoms.


As business owners and employees, some of us are so good at neglecting ourselves that we've sadly mastered it as an art. There I was, unable to tie my shoes, shortness of breath going upstairs, zero energy, and unable to lose a single pound. 


Something had to change, and it did. I started treatment with a fantastic naturopath. At age 37, I'm happy to share that out of those medical conditions and symptoms, only two remain a concern. 


Why does this matter in digital marketing? Because when my body was running on zero energy, I turned to automation to manage some tasks. I've never looked back. 


When we own a business, we need help and support. Sometimes, our budget does not...

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