More sales with Prospecting Facebook Ads

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Have you ever wondered how and why you get served certain ads on your feed? There is a science to it, but it is not as complicated as you think. 

 Here is your journey as a prospective customer: 

As you can see, your funnel must follow a sequence. Every time you start an ads funnel, you start with the top, the visit to your website. For your funnel to arrive at conversions, several steps must be completed by your audience member. Once you see the reminder on your feed of "complete your purchase," it is because you found yourself at the bottom of the funnel; you're ready to convert.  

How can you get more conversions? Start with a prospecting ad! Without a prospective audience, you cannot increase your sales. Your regulars will convert only so much. Of course, you could have email/SMS subscribers by now or previous visitors and shoppers, but those are no longer a cold or prospective audience; they are considered a warm audience...

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❌ How you are hurting your ads! ❌

It sounds harsh, doesn't it? When we create Facebook Ads, we give them ads our all or think we are. We get so excited when running ads that we believe we will see a massive return instantly. We are making changes left and right without noticing because Sally and Karen told you what works for Facebook advertising. However, our friends Sally & Karen have far less experience than JLO singing live.


Don' take this personally, but here are ten ways of how we unintentionally hurt our Facebook ads + our social media pages' performance. 




  1. Only post one type of content vs. mixing different creatives.
  2. Still, don't use videos in your content strategy; more on the video's relevance is below.
  3. Edit the ads too soon 
  4. Only boost posts vs. creating a comprehensive funnel. 
  5. Select the wrong ad objective. 
  6. Use the wrong budget (most of the time, too low of a budget). 
  7. Don't leverage your existing warm audiences.
  8. Use too many ad sets within an...
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Reel 1: Facebook Assets + Business Manager Verification

This blog post is about Reel #1 on Instagram. To watch it, please visit

Before running ads, I highly suggest verifying your Business Manager account and enabling an extra protection layer. 

Facebook Business Manager is a one-stop hub for all your Facebook Marketing needs. There, you can manage your assets such as: 

Ads Account



Commerce Account 

Instagram Account


Verify Your Business in Business Manager

How to Turn On the Two-Factor Authentication Requirement in Your Business Manager

Verify Your Domain in Business Manager


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