Obesity + Automation πŸ“ˆ

At age 36, I was categorized as obese, chronic inflammation, a pre-diabetic A1C, high cholesterol, difficult PCOS symptoms, less than optimal thyroid, dangerously low iron, chronic anemia, chronic hormonal imbalance, and many other uncomfortable symptoms.


As business owners and employees, some of us are so good at neglecting ourselves that we've sadly mastered it as an art. There I was, unable to tie my shoes, shortness of breath going upstairs, zero energy, and unable to lose a single pound. 


Something had to change, and it did. I started treatment with a fantastic naturopath. At age 37, I'm happy to share that out of those medical conditions and symptoms, only two remain a concern. 


Why does this matter in digital marketing? Because when my body was running on zero energy, I turned to automation to manage some tasks. I've never looked back. 


When we own a business, we need help and support. Sometimes, our budget does not allow for another assistant, so turning to automation is an outstanding way to make money while you sleep and improves your customers' satisfaction. 

Here are some tips and resources if automation is something you'd like to explore: 

πŸ“Turn to automation or dynamic flows to send abandoned cart reminders, welcome emails, and re-engage old subscribers. Those flows or automated emails work while you sleep or focus on revenue-generating tasks. 


πŸ“ Use an auto-responder for your customer service email. For instance, email confirmation, expect a response in XX hours/days XXX hours, returns and refunds information, business hours, contact info, etc. 

Here's a template as an example: 


"Thank you for contacting [email protected]; your email is now in the queue. Please allow one business day for a response. 

For returns and exchanges, please visit www.business.com 

Our phone number is: 123-456-7788

Review of FAQs (next tip).


This short auto-responder will eliminate about 90% of your responses.


πŸ“Create a FAQs page and add it to your website's homepage. By now, you should know the most FAQs your audience has. Draft a blog, create a landing page with them, and include it in your auto-responder. Customers want answers yesterday.


πŸ“ Use Meta suite to cross-post. You can customize your text for each platform and the content's size. Don't forget you can now schedule stories on the Meta suite. 


πŸ“Schedule your social media posts ahead of time. I cannot stress this enough. Move to batching, and avoid the daily back and forth between platforms. 


πŸ“ Data-backup, if you have never lost everything in your computer, you're fortunate! 


πŸ“ Send automatic emails asking for reviews and referrals. 


πŸ“ Turn on automatic responses on social media; customers will receive an instant response when they contact you. You could even include a mini-version of your auto-responder text there. 


πŸ“Clean email contacts because overpaying for email marketing is so outdated. Let your email software mark spam and suppressed contacts, and unsubscribes too. This task will lower your email marketing bill, by the way! 


πŸ“ Last but not least, invoicing and billing. Pay and receive payments automatically without the hassle of chasing people. 


Thank you if you made it to the end πŸ™ˆ These practices have drastically improved my quality of life and team efficiency, and the customer service need has decreased tremendously. My hope is they do the same for you. 


Cheering you on, 



You can sit with us!Β 

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