Reel 2: Planning your Social Media Content

content content creation Jun 01, 2022

             Don't post without a plan!

Are you throwing everything at it and hoping it sticks? That's the strategy many of us have used in the past, and I don't blame you. 🤔
It's easier to post without a strategy, but the truth is that you need a clear plan to engage your audience.

Have you stopped posting for a while because you had no idea what to share? ME TOO!

Have you recycled your copywriting from the past because your creative juice is zero? ME TOO!

Have you paid someone to do your content and posting, and things didn't work out? ME TOO!
Maybe your assistant didn't understand your mission and vision; maybe the copywriting was too generic? I've been there too.

Here are some tips that I found helpful last month when I decided to take on the content creation task without looking back. The best part is that it didn't take me hours or weeks to craft good content!

 Pick a theme for the month: Yes, start with a theme. It's June as of today; a summer theme would be super helpful to draft your content around.

Define your target audience: Who are you speaking to? How can you make sure they relate to your message? How about adding some pain points + some pleasure points.

Plan + shoot your photos: Who wants to take pictures daily? Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a photoshoot? I don't! Pick a day of the week, and take those photos. Your phone is just as good! Remember, today's phones have excellent capabilities to give you great photography.

Post it with engaging copy: Do you need help coming up with copywriting? How about some AI (artificial intelligence) copywriting? Jasper is a super cool tool if you aren't familiar with it! It's AI marketing copywriting.

To sign up, please visit this link:

Do you have any other tips you'd like to share? Send me an email at [email protected]




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