Rank higher on Facebook & Instagram

Have you ever wondered how some Facebook and Instagram pages get hundreds of likes with little to no followers? 


First, let's clarify that followers do not equal high sales. As business owners, we've been conditioned to believe that you need thousands of followers to make millions in sales. That is not true! It takes 100 engaged followers to start generating sales, so forget about hitting 1M followers with close to nothing engagement.


Followers have become a vanity metric for businesses and regular users; again, vanity metric! 🙃


Let's go back to the number of likes and comments on small pages. Many businesses boost their posts, and that's how they get hundreds of likes. FYI, I have never opposed boosting. 


Five reasons why boosting posts is OK in my book:


 🔥 Let us test a cold, AKA prospecting audience, without putting it through the whole ads funnel. 


🔥 Boosting is less expensive; you can start with $3/day, and start testing your audience. 


🔥 Your social media pages become more visible and rank higher; it's beneficial if you run paid ads. 


🔥 You can monetize that engagement and new audience members with retargeting ads 😉. Here's a secret, it's a high-converting audience!


🔥 Lastly, it helps you grow a community. Focus on community building because pages that lack a sense of community rank way lower than those that don't. For instance, you're most likely to get repostings from your page, more comments, and new followers. Don't forget to engage with them and welcome them with a small intro at least once a month! 


Well, what if I can't spend money on boosting Nadia? So, glad you asked XXX! 


Here are five tips to push for higher ranking organically


👉 Use hashtags (if you need good sets, try hashtag expert). 

👉 Make reels part of your strategy

👉 Mix the content you share (photos, carousels, reels, videos, stories).

👉 Tag your products; I cannot stress this enough! 

👉 Engage with your existing followers XXX. Engaging with our community is such an overlooked task. It's tedious, I get it, but it's very potent when raising awareness. 


📲 Tip: Leaving comments to your followers, responding to comments, and liking their content promotes engagement and fosters a relationship. 10-15 minutes a day is all you need! 


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Wishing you a great week ahead! 



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